Tailored property management solutions for your home in Javea


From A to Champagne.. We are here to take care of your every need.  

We offer bespoke services to fit each of our clients needs, giving you and your family the peace of mind that your home is being taking care of by our trusted and reliable team of profesionals. 


Our team fully checks  your residence both interior and exterior areas on a weekly basis.

Upon completion we then send you a report on a weekly or monthly basis regarding the current status of your property, directly into your inbox. 

If we come across any issues, we will contact you immediately and can assist with any repairs that may be required. 





Ourteam have extensive experience in the sector, specialized in the design and maintenance of gardens, offering a unbeatable service including general maintenance, cutting of palms and other trees, cleaning of plots, bush trimming, lawn mowing, planting, regular pest control & irrigation systems. 

 Our team take photos of the work done after each visit,   putting your mind at peace knowing your garden is being taken care of. 

We will also inform you immediately if their are any issues.


Our team provides a professional cleaning and maintenance service for all types of swimming pools and Jacuzzis to have, healthy and trouble free water. We have a punctual service to recover green waters, with adequate treatment and cleaning,  we also empty , clean and disinfect swimming pools.

We also take photos of the work done after each visit,   putting your mind at peace knowing your swimming pool or jacuzzi  is being taken care of. 

We will also inform you immediately if their are any issues.




Residential window cleaning, we specialise in cleaning all glass, shutters and frames, using the best quality products to ensure a perfect finish, both interior and exterior.


Our team is committed to providing quality cleaning services, meeting all our clients needs. Cleanliness is a differential factor in the image of the home since it is what is projected both to home owners and to the people who visit it. 
Preserving the integrity of a home  is important so that it is not devalued by use or simply by time.


Do you know your neighbours well enough to leave your keys with them? 

Or maybe you just don't want to burden anyone with the responsibility of holding your keys? 

Then this is the solution.  

If friends, family or third parties need access to your property, we must first be informed via email to ensure the maximum security. 

Said person who is to pick up your kety will fill out a form with personal details and sign, you will receive a copy of said form via email.


Our well respected painting & decorating team offer professional external and internal painting, decorating services, wood work and wall murals. our team also takes care of power washing. 

We use the highest quality materials to guarantee a  long lasting finish your property deserves.


Searching for local pet care you can trust? Whether it’s small pet, boarding for exotic animals or boarding for senior dogs and cats, finding somewhere that suits your pet can be difficult. 

From local dog sitters to horse handlers, we have with like-minded pet sitter to stay with your pet while you’re away. 

Keeping them in their much-loved routine, it’s the alternative to boarding kennels and catteries that vets agree pets prefer. 

And knowing your pet is happy at home will help you travel with true peace of mind.


Our fabulous team at IDEAL Concierges will take care of your every need whilst in Javea, contact us today to arrange your visit, let us know what you want and we will work our magic.

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